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About Us

The Children's Path, LLC is a preschool program that offers Timbernook programming each morning.  We lead our children down the path to where their imaginations can be set free and the possibilities for discovery and child-led play leads to great things!

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 Our Program

The Children's Path, LLC is a unique preschool set in the beautiful Mount Washington Valley that offers a variety of options for children 3-6 years of age.  Each day our time is split between the outdoor and indoor environments.  We spend approximately 70% of our time outside and 30% inside, in all types of weather. 


Our unique outdoor classroom is approximately a 10 minute walk from our campus.  Each day your child will travel with their classmates and teachers down the path to our magical outdoor classroom in the woods where they will have the opportunity to play and participate in grand scale play experiences.  These experiences are developmentally appropriate for the child and allow them to practice and be introduced to new skills and concepts.  

Our afternoons offer a rest period and work period in our Montessori based classroom.  There the child will be able to reflect on their morning and participate in extensions in Language and Math lessons. 


Timbernook of Mount Washington Valley

TimberNook provides nature-based play experiences for children that challenge the senses and inspire creativity, independence, and imagination in the great outdoors​.


TimberNook programs offer the ultimate sensory experience for children, challenging the mind, body and the senses through meaningful outdoor play opportunities. Each experience is unique to the location, provider, and group of children, and includes free play in sensory-rich learning environments to further enhance play schemes


Our program runs Tuesday through Friday.  Our day begins at 8:45.  Our half day ends at 1:00 and our full day program runs until 3:30.  Please visit the 

Options & Tuition page for more details.

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