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Children's Path, LLC

Giving children the time and space to learn, create and grow!

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Our Goals

At The Children's Path, LLC we are committed to giving each child the time and space needed for growth and development.  Rich and meaningful play experiences ignite the young learners mind, which lays the foundation for all further learning.  It is our goal that all children leave with a better understanding of themselves and the world around them.  That they have the skills and confidence to achieve anything they set their mind to. 


The Children's Path, LLC is a licensed provider of Timbernook; a nature-based, sensory rich, transformative program and curriculum that challenges the child's mind and body.


Children are given opportunities to create, use their imagination and engage in critical thinking and problem solving all through specially designed sensory based experiences.


The Children's Path, LLC offers child centered education and lessons which allow your child to work at their own pace.  We incorporate the experiences with our rich Montessori based curriculum.

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Timbernook programs offer the ultimate sensory experience for children, challenging the mind, body and the senses through meaningful outdoor play opportunities.

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